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You are here because your vision is important to you.  


The window through which you see the world every moment for the rest of your life will be affected profoundly by the decisions you make before your cataract surgery. You have choices. There is no single strategy that fits everyone best. 


With the right information, you can maximize the happiness that you achieve through cataract surgery.  You can prevent mistakes that are hard to undo.  You can avoid spending money unnecessarily; or you can assure yourself that you are spending your money wisely.  


You will experience the consequences of your choices every waking moment for the rest of your life.  But how can you know what your choices are?   How do you even know what questions to ask?  

The information inside this site is a summary of the lessons I have learned from my patients in the course of their surgical care. Since entering private practice in 1997, I have performed approximately 10,000 cataract surgical cases.  I interviewed every patient preoperatively and followed every patient postoperatively.  In this website you will learn what my patients have taught me.  

This website will empower you.   It will provide you with the facts and simulations you need to understand the current technology.  Just as importantly, it will teach you to look at yourself so that you can customize the technology to your needs, goals, and personality.  

Before Your Surgery


Before your surgery, you will explore three topics:


Presbyopia Correction:  Presbyopia is what causes us to need bifocals.  With cataract surgery you can choose to have special lenses implanted that help you see distance and near again, like when you were young.   These lenses work well for some, but others are bothered by side effects.  How good of a candidate are you?   On this site you will learn about the blessings and side effects of this technology, and about the 4P’s that help define the best candidates- personality, pathology, predispositions, and priorities.


Astigmatism Correction:  You have to pay extra to correct astigmatism.  For some, astigmatic correction is essential to achieving an optimal outcome.  For others, astigmatic correction would be a waste of money.   Where on the spectrum are you?  This website will teach you what astigmatism is, how to estimate your own postoperative astigmatism, and simulate the effect that your astigmatism might have on your postoperative vision.  


Custom Designing your Vision:  It is possible to use cataract surgery to design eyes that fit your interests.  For example, imagine that you are a concert cellist.  With cataract surgery you can focus your eyes to read music without glasses.  Or you can focus the eyes at slightly different distances to increase your depth of focus.  Custom refractive design can personalize your vision for who you are and what you like to do- and doesn't necessarily cost any extra money.

Additional topics:  You will also learn about cataract surgery after LASIK, MIGS procedures for treating glaucoma during cataract surgery, and Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery.


This website is there for you after your surgery as well


To help you after your surgery I have included sections titled “Are My Symptoms Normal?” and “Risks and Complications".

This website never stops getting better

Cataract surgery is a dynamic field.  This website is updated periodically with new page information detailing developments in the field.

Inside this website you are free from the influence of marketers and industry.   There are no external links inside this site.   I have no direct or indirect financial interest in the devices or concepts discussed inside.  Names of companies and devices are occasionally included when knowing them might be of interest to you.

Christopher Kuntz, MD

July 25, 2019

Design Your Vision with Cataract Surgery

Astigmatism Correction

Introduction to Astigmatism    

Sources of Astigmatism

How Much Astigmatism Do I Have?
Treatment of Astigmatism
Astigmatism Simulator
Optics of Astigmatism

Custom Refractive Design
Designing your vision
​Micro Monovision/Refractive Path
Cataract Simulator
Astigmatism Simulator
Presbyopia Correcting Lens Simulator

Presbyopia Correction    
Presbyopia Correction Strategies
Lenses and Side Effects
Presbyopia Correcting Lens Simulator



The Human Lens

Additional Topics
Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery After LASIK
Femtosecond Laser
Refractive Questionnaire
Eye Anatomy and Surgical Locations
​After Surgery
Are My Symptoms Normal?
Risks and Complications
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