Do you want to use cataract surgery to reduce your dependence on reading glasses?   Presbyopia correction with cataract surgery makes many patients very happy.  Others find that the experience falls short of their expectations.


Which person are you? Your happiness with presbyopia correction depends on who you are, what you like to do, and how important it is for you to get rid of your glasses.  Specific anatomic features of your eyes may make you a great, or poor, candidate for presbyopia correction.

This website will help you understand your eyes and your refractive priorities.   It will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of your choices using simulations.  You will learn the questions to ask yourself and your surgeon before committing your money and your eyes to presbyopia correction.

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Design Your Vision with Cataract Surgery

Astigmatism Correction

Introduction to Astigmatism    

Sources of Astigmatism

How Much Astigmatism Do I Have?
Treatment of Astigmatism
Astigmatism Simulator
Optics of Astigmatism

Custom Refractive Design
Designing your vision
​Micro Monovision/Refractive Path
Cataract Simulator
Astigmatism Simulator
Presbyopia Correcting Lens Simulator

Presbyopia Correction    
Presbyopia Correction Strategies
Lenses and Side Effects
Presbyopia Correcting Lens Simulator



The Human Lens

Additional Topics
Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery After LASIK
Femtosecond Laser
Refractive Questionnaire
Eye Anatomy and Surgical Locations
​After Surgery
Are My Symptoms Normal?
Risks and Complications
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