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Astigmatism Simulator

The pictures below estimate the effect of astigmatism under average light conditions. This approximates how images might look if astigmatism is not corrected with glasses or contact lenses.  You can predict your postoperative astigmatism here.  

Note:  Your cataract may make simulations more difficult to appreciate.  Consider going over these simulations with a friend who has already benefited from cataract surgery, or someone who does not have cataracts.

0.00 Diopters

0.00 cyl 5 5.3 c.jpg

0.50 Diopters

0.50 cyl WTR f 5.3.jpg

1.00 Diopters

1.00 cyl WTR f 5.3.jpg

1.50 Diopters

1.50 WTR cyl f 5.3 b.jpg

2.00 Diopters

2.00 cyl WTR f 5.3.jpg

Astigmatism has three effects:

1.  Blur- Including loss of detail and loss of texture.

2.  Distortion- Astigmatism can make things look tall and skinny, or short and thick.  

3.  Reduced contrast

An astigmatic eye is never completely in focus, at any distance.  This is different from nearsightedness, in which perfect focus can be achieved close up.   To learn more about the optics of astigmatism, click here.

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