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Cataract Simulator 

No Catarac
You can clearly see the knife marks on the cutting board, and the texture of the satsuma and teapot.   The red cherries have a deep, rich tone and the texture and detail of the English Ivy is evident. The joinery in the corners of the box can be seen.
clear lens.JPG
Early Moderate Cataract 
The loss of texture of the satsuma is apparent. The knife marks on the cutting board are difficult to see.  The brilliance of the satsuma and English ivy, and the rich red of the cherries are lost.  The joinery is barely visible.  Contrast is reduced.
early cataract.JPG
Late Moderate Cataract
Further detail is obscured. Only gross textures can be found in the English Ivy, and no texture is evident in the satsuma. The writing on the teapot is blurred. The joinery can no longer be seen. Contrast is further reduced.
moderate cataract.JPG
Advanced Cataract
Only gross detail is evident. Objects blend into one another. Contrast is reduced enough to obscure the transition from the teapot to the cutting board.  Color is washed out. Glare can be debilitating.
advanced cataract.JPG
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