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Designing Your Vision

What is Refractive Design?

Our eyes may look pretty similar on the outside, but the view from the inside varies widely between individuals.  Each of us has a unique set of eyes that we lived with for decades before developing cataracts-our 'optical world'.  Some of us are nearsighted.  Some see best at distance.  Some of us are completely dependent on glasses or contact lenses; others don't spent a moment thinking about them. 

Also, each of us has different interests.  Some people like to ski and hike and rarely sit down.  Others find fulfillment in reading, crafts and detailed close up work. 


You can use cataract surgery to customize your vision for the life you lead.  You can move beyond what you were born with, and create the vision that suits you.  


Key Principles of Refractive Design with Optional Micro Monovision

Refractive Design with Micro Monovision allows you to create eyes that are customized for activities that are important to you.  There are three key principles of Refractive Design:

1.  The depth of focus that you experience can be increased by focusing the eyes at slightly different distances (Micro Monovision).


2. Micro monovision expands depth of field, but does not provide the full depth of field required to simultaneously read and see at distance.


3.  Because of #2, it is necessary to choose the Refractive Path (distance, middle, or near) that emphasizes the activities that are most important to you.  Glasses will need to be worn at some times for tasks that are outside of the distance you prioritize.


Refractive Design with Micro Monovision may not cost extra money.   Before choosing this strategy, read up on presbyopia correcting intraocular lenses, so that you know you have options.   


Talking to your surgeon

Not every surgeon will offer custom options unless you ask, but most will provide this level of customization if you request it.    


These refractive design strategies are for patients who are not electing presbyopia correction with specialty intraocular lenses.  Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies before deciding what you want. 


Show me how to design my vision

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