Congratulations and welcome.  You recognize that your choices during cataract surgery have the potential to profoundly affect your daily life, and you want to find out more. 

The information inside this site is a summary of my experience as a cataract surgeon. Since entering private practice in 1997, I have performed approximately 10,000 cataract surgical cases.  I interviewed every patient preoperatively and followed every patient postoperatively.   

I will teach you what my patients taught me.  For example, I will show you how your personality and lifestyle can- and should- affect the decisions you make.  I will help you understand the technologies that are available to you. Knowing these things empowers you to confidently make important personal and financial decisions about your cataract surgery in cooperation with your surgical team.


There are no corporate external links inside this website. I have no financial interest in any of the devices, procedures, or concepts discussed inside. Names of companies and products occur only when knowing them might be helpful to you.   

Again, congratulations for taking the first step towards designing your vision.  There is no particular order to view this site. Start with a topic of interest to you and go from there! 

Christopher Kuntz, MD

Seattle, Washington


Design Your Vision with Cataract Surgery

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