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Contrast Simulator

Contrast is greatest with the single focus lens, and less with the multifocal lens.


The pictures below demonstrate the contrast you might achieve with a standard monofocal lens compared with a multifocal lens.  Please note that your cataracts may make it more difficult to appreciate the details of these simulators. Consider going over these simulators with a friend who has already had cataract surgery, or a younger family member who does not have cataracts.


These photographs are estimates.  The actual amount of contrast lost with multifocal lenses varies between individuals and may be different depending on the task and surrounding lighting. 

Note:  Your cataract may make simulations more difficult to appreciate.  Consider going over these simulations with a friend who has already benefited from cataract surgery, or someone who is younger and does not have cataracts.

contrast regular 1906a.jpg
contrast low 1906c.jpg
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