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About the Author

About the Author

About the Author

I grew up in Indiana before moving to California to go to Stanford University.  After college I taught high school physics and German in the San Francisco Bay Area before entering medical school at the University of California, San Francisco in my late 20’s.  My love of the neurosciences and visual art led me to the field of Ophthalmology.  


I performed my surgical residency in Seattle at the University of Washington Medical Center, and entered private practice as a cataract surgeon in 1997.  Since then I have performed approximately 10,000 cataract surgical cases. I interviewed every patient to understand their preferences before surgery, and followed every patient to understand their experience afterward.

When I began my career 25 years ago, cataract surgery was very much like other surgical procedures- indications were met, surgery was recommended, and from there the choices were up to the surgeon.  The refractive goals of the surgery were rarely discussed with the patient.  

In the past decade, however, a radical shift has occurred.  Improved technology has allowed us to shift the bar higher and achieve more precise refractive results.  New types of lenses address presbyopia.  Astigmatism can be treated.

Application of these powerful technologies only goes well if good, bilateral, equal communication exists between doctor and patient.  That's because some technologies have side effects.  Some cost money.  Not all technology is appropriate for every patient.

Today, if you want to achieve the greatest happiness with your cataract surgery, you need to be a part of the decision making process in cooperation with your doctor.  This is your surgery and no one else's.  There is nothing generic about it.


My goal with this website is to empower you to make crucial personal decisions about your vision.   This site uses the techniques I learned as a high school teacher to share with you my experiences as an eye surgeon. 

I have no financial interest in the devices, procedures, or concepts that are discussed inside.  I make no money, either directly or indirectly, from this website.

If you have questions or comments about the content of this website, I encourage you to contact me.  If you feel that this website had a positive influence on your life, please consider sharing it with your friends.


Christopher A. Kuntz, MD

Seattle, Washington

Christopher A. Kuntz, MD

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