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Patient Reviews of Multifocal and Extended Depth of Focus Lenses

Below are comments by patients who received presbyopia correcting lenses.   The consistently positive reviews reflect careful preoperative patient selection.  The question they responded to:


“Would you be willing to write a paragraph or two about what you like, and what you don’t like, about your vision with the ReSTOR 2.5 or Symfony lens?  Does anything exceed, or not live up to your expectations?  Were you surprised by anything?  Consider your audience to be future patients evaluating this technology.  Please be candid both with your praise and criticism.”


“I have very little to say about them that isn’t positive.  The only thing I’ve noticed is that at night, when a car in front of me has their brake lights on, I can see rings in the bright red light.  It’s not a bother to me; it just takes a couple of times to get used to.  Having had cataracts for awhile everything appeared dark and I wasn’t able to see colors.  Now colors are so vivid and my eyes are more sensitive to sunlight.  I just make sure I always have my sunglasses with me.” (Symfony)           


“My bottom line is that these Symfony lenses do allow better, sharper vision for a bigger depth of vision.  But, they do not make both far and near sight as clear as both were before I started needing glasses.  I will still need glasses for, say, driving, or for reading.  But, at least my vision is clearer overall, and I won’t need bifocals to improve both near and far vision."           (Symfony)


"My first surgery with the ReSTOR multifocal lens was a WOW moment.  Not only could I see far and near, but I could also read without contacts.  Seven months after surgery I have had two “deer in the headlights” moments.  I still needed to shade my eyes despite having sunglasses on when it was bright, icy and clear. 

For future candidates considering ReSTOR multifocal lens:  If like me, focusing at a distance is your first priority I would highly recommend these lenses.  I am elated at being able to read street signs, to follow golf balls and watch football across the field.  Neither am I bothered by glare when driving in the evenings.” (ReSTOR 2.5)


“I am typing this letter on my computer without using glasses.  I can glance out my office window and see small objects at a distance clearly.  I have a large sailboat and love to sail.  I do not need corrective lenses to read my chart plotter and can see clearly far ahead.  I do have to wear sunglasses on bright days, everything seems so much brighter now.” (ReSTOR 2.5)

“My far sighted vision is great and I am very happy with that.  I was nearsighted, and could not see much from a distance.  Since I was nearsighted and was able to see wonderful up close and didn’t really need glasses, I have had a bit of a time to move things away vs. bringing them closer.  I can read and work on a computer most of the time, however in low light conditions I do require reading glasses (+1.50).  I do wish that there was something that could correct that.  But overall I am very happy with everything, as I was informed ahead of time that I may need reading glasses.  In my day to day normal living I do not need glasses”. (ReSTOR 2.5)

“I have had no side effects and can see near and far without glasses.  If I am trying to read fine print or in a dark room I will use glasses but that is rare.  I can read menus, price tags, play tennis and put makeup on with perfect vision.” (ReSTOR 2.5).

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